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Real Tips for Carpet Cleaning: Doing more than vacuuming

12/10/2013 Back To Blog

Although vacuum cleaning is a daily routine for many people in El Monte, there is no guarantee that it is completely efficient. Even with the best carpet cleaning equipment, technique continues to play an important role. Therefore these tips are based on the experiences of professional carpet cleaning service providers in CA. You should select the right cleaning technique for the right job. For example the kitchen floor will have to be washed while the garden needs a raking.Real Tips for Carpet Cleaning: Doing more than vacuuming

Understanding how the dirt gets into your carpets

There are plenty of opportunities for dust, dirt, bacteria and mold to get right into the depth of your rug or carpet. The daily exercise of vacuuming will remove those elements that are on the surface but it will not sanitize the carpet or even deodorize it unless you have a specific agent that is included in the cleaning package. Some of the debris that is lurking in your rugs and carpets is quite hard to get rid of including pet waste, dander and mildew. This can lead to problems such as mites and other harmful allergens.

Reducing the impact of dust on your carpet

It is entirely possible that a carpet which looks clean is actually riddled with all sorts of debris. Therefore you should not make your decision to clean basing on the appearance of the rug or carpet but rather your knowledge of how it all works. Research has shown that each home can accumulate up to 4 kilograms of dust on an annual basis. The skin accounts for over 80% of this material and this is known to be consumed by mites. Therefore it is not surprising that there are at least 2 million dust mites in an average home at any given point.

The Steps the keep your carpets clean

Make sure that you get a professional carpet service provider to help you do some deep cleaning. At the same time you can ask for the sanitation and deodorization elements of the package so that you are sure that the germs are not being given a safe haven. The best carpet cleaning machines can also transform your home.

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