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Welcome to Carpet Cleaning El Monte home of the Upholstery Cleaning Specialists. If you call our upholstery cleaning contractor today; you can get upholstery service today. Our same day service pledge has made us quite popular in the El Monte community. We also offer emergency upholstery cleaning service 24/7 and that has bonded us with the community as well. Whether you want us to be your upholstery cleaner or you want to try DIY upholstery cleaning, our expertly trained service techs can help you with your choice. At El Monte Carpet Cleaning we are out to win you over. We want to be your upholstery cleaning service for the long haul. You won’t find better upholstery cleaner in town. If you want trusted upholstery cleaner give us a call today.Upholstery Cleaning

Exploring The City We Serve: El Monte, CA

Located in Los Angeles County, El Monte, California has a lot going on. The community sports a population of just over 113,000 residents. One of the many great attractions in the community is the El Monte Museum of History that draws in many visitors. The El Monte Historical Museum is also quite popular as is the Fish Covery Aquarium, which is fun for children of all ages. Our Upholstery Cleaning Company in El Monte is thrilled to be able to provide superb upholstery cleaning service on a daily basis.

Residential Upholstery Cleaning Service

Even in this day and age it can be quite a chore to keep your upholstery clean throughout the home. Most people don’t even think about cleaning their bed mattresses, but our expert service techs at El Monte Carpet Cleaning do. When most people think about their upholstery they stop at the couch or sofa. You have to think outside the box. There are so many upholstered items in the home that it is mind boggling. The tough part is that all of the fabrics in these upholstered items could be different and therefore call for a specific cleaning solution.

At Carpet Cleaning El Monte we offer residential upholstery cleaning service that covers just about any fabric available. Our service techs have a great deal of respect for each upholstered product they must clean. Some of the items we commonly clean are:

*   Couches

*   Sofas

*   Loveseats

*   Recliners

*   Ottomans

*   Bed mattresses

*   Dining room chairs

*  Futons

*   Auto upholstery

These are just a few of the upholstered things we can clean in your residential setting. You can trust our upholstery cleaning professionals to breathe life back into your upholstery. We will use state of the art upholstery steam clean equipment that will extract dirt, dust, debris, pet dander and all other microfiber demons that might be hiding in your upholstery.

Upholstery Stain Removal

No matter how hard we try our upholstery is going to accumulate debris that seems to feel at home on the microfibers of your fabric. Just imagine all the dust and dirt that your upholstery is subject to. Most of your upholstery; especially on couches, recliners and love seats, are going to be subject to heavy traffic. The heavier the traffic; the more likely a stain will occur. Accidents happen and when they do you don’t have to panic. Our professional techs can make it all better. If you have pets we can rid your upholstery of pet related dander and odors and deliver clean and fresh upholstery that will make you proud. At El Monte Carpet Cleaning our experts have the skills and experience to take your upholstery to another level of cleanliness and help you keep it that way.

Want To Add Some Decor?

Carpet and furniture, clean ones at least, can really complement and add to your interior fashion. But there's another way to do that that will also grant the room some functionality and extra features. What you, you ask? New blinds and shades, of course! These coverings come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials, from insulating cellular shades to beautiful and low maintenance faux wood blinds. And here's the best part, these beauties can be compatible with smart home technology as well! What do we mean by that? We're talking about motorized blinds and shades, of course. If you're looking for a local company that installs these automatic window treatments, you'd be happy to learn there's one nearby.

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