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The Key to Effective Mold Removal

05/14/2016 Back To Blog

You can see the spots and feel the musty odor. Mold is one of the most common problems in modern homes despite the use of the latest building materials and techniques. The problem is serious as this type of fungus is extremely stubborn while spreading very quickly. You must take immediate steps for mold removal. Find out how to get rid of it completely.The Key to Effective Mold Removal

A Comprehensive Solution

It’s important to begin with mold inspection as it will reveal all places where growth has occurred. You should know that walls and ceilings are not the only parts of your house which are at risk. The furniture, carpet and rugs can also become victim to this culprit. The check will also show exactly what type of mold you have in your house. This is crucial for countering it.

Which removal method is best? It depends on the characteristics of the affected surface. Usually, it is necessary to apply a product which kills mold and its spores. The product has to be completely safe in addition to being effective. Deep carpet and rug cleaning will also help to deal with the problem. Fixtures damaged by the mold should be fixed timely. If it has affected disposable items like HVAC filters, they should be replaced. Taking measures for air purification is also necessary, especially if there are allergic members in your family.

Perhaps the more serious question is how to stop mold from coming back. This can be achieved with eliminating the major cause of the problem - moisture. The source of the moisture should be tracked down and dealt with. Walls, floors and ceilings will be better protected with proper insulation. Dehumidifiers should be set up in rooms where proper ventilation cannot be achieved with other means. Special devices emitting ultraviolet light can be used in dark sections of the house like the air ducts. 

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