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When Carpet Replacement Is Already Necessary

12/16/2014 Back To Blog

Carpets are durable parts of a house. On average, in a household with four members, these flooring can last up to five years. If meticulous carpet maintenance is observed, the expected life span can even go beyond ten years. It depends on proper maintenance and thoughtful cleaning. Carpets are not going to last forever, though, so you also have to know when replacement is already in order.

Indicators for Replacement

When Carpet Replacement Is Already NecessaryWe can classify indicators into two: the obvious ones and the preludes to the urgent need for replacement. These indicators are similar to how you would assess the remaining usability of a rug.

One of the most obvious indicators of the need to replace your carpets is the aesthetics. Nobody wants a home or building with untidy-looking floors. Who wants to walk on carpeted floors mired with stains that seem immune to any kind of stain removal procedure? One of the top reasons families choose carpets for their floors is aesthetics or the generally pleasant appearance of the floor. Once they cease to look good, they are most likely not good enough to be kept on the floor. Another obvious indicator of the need for replacement is the durability. If they tear apart easily even with a slight pressure, they need to be replaced soon.

On the other hand, there are some indicators that may not be immediately evident but are easy to sense or perceive. These include the odors that don’t go away even after repeated odor removal procedures. Pet stain & odor removal should not be too difficult to do in on carpet that is still durable enough for continued use. Likewise, if you start developing allergies, the carpet could be the culprit. Because of the weakening of the fabric, allergens may start accumulating deep within that removal would already seem impossible. Furthermore, if a carpet is already more than two decades old, it’s about time for a replacement. Carpet cleaning experts agree that carpets deserve to be retired after a maximum of 20 years.

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